Fake Eviction Notice

2 May, 2014

We suggest you contact your tenants and inform them that they should be aware of an “Eviction Notice” email spam campaign, and that this is not from you and that you do not and would not communicate with them in this form, the email in question is pretending to be from authorities such as property managers, law firms or insurance companies. The emails carry malware as an attached .exe or .zip file.
There has been a recent surge in the volume of these emails in Australia. The attached malware has also been able to avoid detection by many antivirus products.

Generalised approaches, such as addressing the message “to the occupant”, without your name specified are a good indication that the messages are spam.

The message content, sender and subject line may vary, but most current examples warn of eviction from your property and include malware as an attachment with a file name such as


Generalised approaches, such as addressing the message “to the occupant”, without your name specified are a good indication that the messages are spam.

An example of the message is below:

From: “Eviction notice”
Subject: For the Attention of Household Member”

Eviction notice,

Hereby we inform you that you will be foreclosed on your property residential
and have a status of a trespasser.

Please vacate it within the period of 28 days since the date of this

You must contact our office as soon as possible to make necessary move out

Otherwise you will be locked out from your home.
Please find the bank statement enclosed to this notice.

Real estate agency,
Isabella Smith

Other known subject line examples include:
“For the Attention of Household Member”
“To the attention of Occupant”
“Attention Occupant”
“Notice of Eviction”
“Notice to move out”

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