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Storage Sheds

If you are leasing out storage-shed space on a long or short-term basis, protection against the late payment of fees and damages is essential.


If an unfortunate circumstance arises and you need our services, the Barclay MIS Protect & Collect Storage Shed plan guarantees that the appropriate recovery processes will be carried out.

Subscription for Barclay MIS Protect & Collect Storage Shed plan, which is inclusive of any legal action, is equivalent to 10% of one months rent, +GST.

Storage Shed Services*:
  • SMS arrears support
  • Access to debt collection letters
  • Tracing and location of the defaulter
  • Raising of summons
  • Serving of summons
  • Obtaining judgement
  • Raising of oral examination summons
  • Running oral examination
  • Raising garnishee summons
  • Serving garnishee summons
  • Full coverage and protection for the recovery of monies owed for default on rent or damage to your property
  • Raising warrant of execution
  • Executing warrant


*Terms and conditions apply

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