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Strata Management

Late payment of levies will have a distinct effect on the viability of your sinking fund and the ability of the committee to carry out the appropriate needs of the Body Corporate.


If an unfortunate circumstance arises and you need our services, the Barclay MIS Protect & Collect Strata plan guarantees that the appropriate recovery processes will be carried out.

Subscription for Barclay MIS Strata Management, which is inclusive of any legal action, is only $15 per unit.

Strata Management Services*:
  • SMS arrears support
  • Access to debt collection letters
  • Tracing and location of the defaulter
  • Raising of summons
  • Serving of summons
  • Obtaining judgement
  • Raising of oral examination summons
  • Running oral examination
  • Raising garnishee summons
  • Serving garnishee summons
  • Raising warrant of execution
  • Executing warrant

Fee Structure:

Properties Annual Fee
Up to 25 $15 per unit + GST
25 or more $375 incl. GST


*Terms and conditions apply

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