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Child Care Centres

Control bad debts at your centre.


The commercial reality of running a child care centre requires that you be paid for your services. Payments in arrears and defaulters have a serious impact on how your centre operates, as well as impacting on the environment in which children are cared for.

The Barclay MIS Protect & Collect Child Care Centre plan provides an efficient way of managing arrears and defaulters. For the first time you can access a cost efficient way of recovering debt from defaulters, as well as being able to run searches on our unique database to see if new applicants have a history of defaulting at previous child care facilities.

Child Care Centres Services*:
  • SMS arrears support
  • Access to debt collection letters
  • Tracing and location of the defaulter
  • Raising of summons
  • Serving of summons
  • Obtaining judgement
  • Raising of oral examination summons
  • Running oral examination
  • Raising garnishee summons
  • Serving garnishee summons
  • Raising warrant of execution
  • Executing warrant

Fee Structure
$275 incl GST per centre

*Terms and conditions apply

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