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Barclay MIS Landlord Snippets

Welcome to the first addition of Barclay MIS Landlord Snippets.

by Suzanne Bale - National Sales & marketing manager


Firstly thank you for subscribing to the Barclay MIS Protect & Collect plan and welcome to our very first addition of our 'Landlord Snippets'. We very much look forward to sharing stories and tips with you and as always invite you to make contact with us should you require any additional assistance with your debt recovery needs.

As Australia's leading debt recovery agency specialising in the area of Residential and Commercial tenancy debt, your property is in good hands. With a strong focus on prevention Barclay MIS are happy to confirm we are working hand in hand with your agent to help mitigate any loss you may suffer from a tenant defaulting in rent or damaging your property.

Barclay MIS are happy to report its business as usual, unlike most landlord insurance policies, Barclay MIS are still taking on new properties. We are also happy to report we are still carrying out evictions and recovering record amounts of debt on behalf of landlords right across Australia, in fact the month of August was a record breaking month for our recoveries team!
We look forward to speaking with you again soon and please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 883 916 if we can assist you in any way.



An introduction to Barclay MIS.
 by David Banks - C.E.O.

When I stared the company 35 years ago I never contemplated that we would grow to today acting for some 5000 real estate agents Australia wide and tens of thousands of investment property owners. 

However the core principles that formed the basis of the business all those years ago remain today -

  • Offering owners a cost effective method of recovering monies owed to them.
  • Ensuring that tenants are held accountable for their actions.
  • Working with agents to minimise or stop tenant debt blow out.
  • Having a dedicated free defaulting tenants data base for agents to check a tenants past rental history. 
Since our commencement we have expanded these core principals as the demands of the industry changed with legislation and environment. 

Barclay MIS are now recovering millions of dollars for owners Australia wide and all the owner invests for this protection is a tax deductible $66 per year. 

They say that nothing in life is guaranteed but I can guarantee you this that Barclay MIS will continue to develop more and better ways of ensuring that our clients receive the best and most cost efficient protection for their investment properties.




Author: Suzanne Bale
Category: General
Posted: Wednesday 16 Sep 2020, 11:17
Barclay MIS Protect & Collect
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